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About Us

Experts in Training Talents

We are one of the few institutions that offer onsite training and certification programs for sourcing and recruiting management. Our parent company is based out Boston, USA. We produce world class talent through our intense training and internship program. Our Modules are structured based on US standards and meet all Global recruitment standards.

Homegrown Recruitment Teams

We hire smart, energetic problem-solvers and teach them to be the best recruiters, coordinators, and sourcers. But our training program isn't just for the new guys. Even seasoned recruiters and sourcers have to keep up with our pace of recruitment innovation. That's why everyone on the CareerPRO staff, regardless of seniority or tenure, participates in our ongoing recruitment training program.

In our delivery centers, everyone speaks the same language, lives by the same cultural code, and uses the same recruitment procedures. Everyone is up-to-date on Seven Step's evolving best practices. That makes a big difference when we have to adjust quickly to changing client needs.

Carrer pro helps the Training for recruiters / hiring managers

  • To search for candidates searching job georgraphically
  • Jobs can be filled quickly using social media's high usage rate and immediate response
  • High number social media users are college students, creating a great way to attract fresh talent for entry level positions.
  • Increases the employer's brand visibility online and establishes a leading-edge image for the brand.
  • Open positions will be seen and read by a larger number of qualified candidates.

Recruitment and Sourcing Career Through Real World, Practical, Custom-Built Training