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Certified Recruiting Specialist Program

Certified Recruiting Specialist program

Certified Recruiting In-House Training Programs are custom-built from the most comprehensive suite of recruitment and recruitment sales training content available. Whether you are seeking specialized training to optimize performance in a particular facet of the recruitment process, or are interested in providing an ongoing skill and career development program oriented to recruiting, we would welcome the opportunity to share what we have done on behalf of some pretty special organizations (our clients).

Grounded in proven, proactive recruitment best practices, our In-House Training Programs blend advanced consultative selling theory with pragmatic approaches to all components of the recruiting life-cycle. Candidates regularly select CareerPro as their recruitment training Academy for an array of reasons, including:

  • Multiple facilitation formats and delivery channels including on-site and web-based (or combined);
  • Flexible program durations ranging from 0.5 days - 2.0 days (dependent on Candidates availability and objectives);
  • Tremendous value-add, results, and ROI (we continuously receive superior ratings from candidates);
  • Detailed and thorough candidate needs analyses and assessment processes;
  • Program content tailored to candidate specifications and candidate industry/market sector;
  • Programs designed for diverse candidates with varying experience levels;
  • Exceptionally comprehensive subject matter and program content areas;
  • Superior facilitation and instruction by top industry trainers & consultants;
  • Engaging program format, dynamic break-out exercises, and outstanding course materials.

Recruitment and Sourcing Career Through Real World, Practical, Custom-Built Training