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Integrated Corporate Training Programs

Built for your real world

All of our training is custom-built to align to your recruiting team's challenges,goals, skill gaps, culture, and process. The actual workshop agenda is developed in partnership with you, the recruiting leader. We leverage real world sourcing scenarios to ensure that recruiters leave with practical, actionable sourcing strategies and tactics. We build these scenarios after conducting focus group calls with your team, so that we're sure they're on target.

We get you

We understand the type of corporate recruiting environment your recruiters work in. We ensure that the strategies and tactics we share are realistic given your req loads, priorities, recruiting culture, and budget. We teach recruiters how to prioritize and use the right tool for the job and reduce the hype surrounding many of the shiny-object tools so that recruiters learn the real- world best practices that actually generate hires and create future pipelines of talent.

Passive talent, yes. Passive attendees, no!

We're here to work and practice what we're learning. Our workshops are not presentations, where learners sit back and passively listen and check their email. Instead, we engage the team throughout the workshop by leveraging

Recruitment and Sourcing Career Through Real World, Practical, Custom-Built Training