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Online Certified Recruiting Specialist Program

Online Certified Recruiting Specialist program

The Certified Recruiting Specialist program(CRSP) is a professional certification tailored to fit the schedules of students, graduates and busy professionals. With our onsite or online learning platform; this program provides participants with our easy-to-access and revolutionary training platform. This platform includes case studies from industry experts, topics covering the best practices, fundamentals and insights. We are training tomorrow's recruiter managers and leaders today.

We deliver a full recruiting life-cycle program to arm recruiters with a detailed program they are able to implement immediately. Our Professional Recruiter Certification program takes Recruiters step-by-step through every aspect of recruiting including requisition evaluation, interviewing a hiring manager, implementing Service Level Agreements, leveraging online tools for sourcing candidates, and then implementing and executing an organized interview process. Recruiting is not just about filling requisitions; it is about the entire hiring process from start to finish. Learn to write compelling job descriptions, attract the most qualified candidates, and utilize multiple business channels to maintain a strong pipeline of candidates. Participants also learn how to identify and effectively use metrics to monitor, measure, and improve the effectiveness of their recruiting practice

Our Certification is not only for recruiters but also for all Human Resources professionals looking to make a positive impact in their organizations hiring process. Upon completion of the course, all students are eligible to take the certification examination

Recruitment and Sourcing Career Through Real World, Practical, Custom-Built Training